Staff ID Badges

To safeguard schools, we produce plastic ID cards for staff, visitors and governors.
Staff PhotosID BadgesDouble-sided
Extra or Replacement
You can either supply the photos yourself, or, if you are in our catchment area, we can come into school and photograph all your staff (and governors if required) for you.
Our staff ID badges are supplied in extra sturdy fully enclosed Badge Buddy holders which are crystal and available in horizontal and vertical format. Badge Buddies can hold 1 or 2 cards and come with a thumb slot on the reverse to facilitate withdrawal of card for swiping door control systems. We have no minimum quantities for our ID badges.
If required we can also print your staff DBS Numbers on the reverse of the card
Once you have purchased your badges and lanyards, when new members of staff start, simply email us their photo and we will produce a badge and lanyard with no minimum quantities. If any of your staff lose their ID badge, simply email their name and we will supply a replacement badge next day.