Visitor ID Badges/Cards

Visitor ID Badges 

Our Visitor ID badges are supplied in extra sturdy fully enclosed Badge Buddy holders which are crystal and available in horizontal and vertical format. 

If required they can be individually numbered so that the corresponding number can be written in the visitor book.

We have no minimum quantities for our ID?badges.

Please contact us for more information.

Visitor Lanyard

We stock 15mm VISITOR lanyards in a choice of yellow or red.

All our lanyards come complete with a safety break-away.

Visitor Cards & Holders

A cost effective way of identifying visitors

If plastic badges keep going missing and sticky labels drop off your visitor’s clothes, then a cost-effective alternative is our visitor cards and flexible plastic holders with clips.

You can write the date on the card and then simply slot it into the holder.

Please contact us for more information.