‘Memories’ – Primary School Leavers’ Books

"Memories" - a permanent reminder of Primary School Days

Memories is a unique way of helping children to record their happy years at primary school. It is the perfect gift to give to your Year 6 school leavers at the end of the summer term – attractively designed with the age of the children in mind.

Memories is divided into four sections and can be used as a class project over those last few days of the summer term. This will enable the whole class to have some fun while filling in the pages.

Section 1 – All About Me
This section allows the pupil to fill in details about themselves, their best friends and attach photos.

Section 2 – My Primary School
This section is devoted to information about their primary school and the new high school they will be moving to.

Section 3 – Moving to High School
For many children the thought of leaving the security of their primary school and moving on to high school is a worrying time. The Moving On section has information to help children get through this stage in their lives with advice on bullying, making new friends and how to organise themselves at high school..

Section 4 – Photos and Memories
The final section has pages for class and teacher autographs, photographs and friends’ contact details.

Memories is presented in a white A5 ring binder, the front cover is personalised with your school’s name and crest and the individual name of each pupil. There is a plastic wallet at the back for the safe keeping of other memorabilia.

Memories are available in 2 formats
Standard format – as detailed
Extended Format – as the Standard Format but with an extra section with individual photos of all Year 6 and a group photo as well.
If you’re in our catchment area, our photographers can come into school to take individual photos and class photos, or you can provide them yourselves.

Standard Format £7
Extended Format £10