Attendance Displays

If you’re trying to boost attendance, a fun attendance display is a useful tool!

Our illustrator will produce a bespoke design to whatever theme you require and supply your proofs to check.

Option 1

We provide a metallic vinyl on a foam-board display, also separate corresponding ‘counters’, one for each year group. These are supplied on magnetic vinyl so that they can be easily moved around the board each week. The year group with the best attendance percentage can move on a place each week.

Option 2

A dry-wipe vinyl can be applied to the face of the display so that you can write scores on it with a dry-wipe marker and change each day/week as required.

If your school is within our catchment area, we will also come into school to fit the display.

Using the same process, we can produce a wide range range of bespoke items. These have included items such as a Zone Board. 

The Zone board was required to keep a check on individual behaviour of children in a class. It is produced in foam board, cut to shape with radiused corners and a metallic vinyl overlay. This means that magnetic name badges for all the children in class can be attached to the board and then each day the individual names may be moved up and down into the different sectors, depending on their behaviour.