Specialist Vinyls

Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

We supply a range of specialist vinyls to fulfil a wide range of requirements:

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One-way Vision Vinyl

Useful to:
  • Stop parents looking into classrooms and disturbing young children
  • Keep Headteacher’s offices or Meeting Rooms private
  • Brightening up a set of classroom windows from outside, but still enabling children in the classroom to see outside.

Frosted Vinyl

Useful to:
  • Stop children looking through the windows
  • Decorative effect with the school crest outside
  • Reduces the amount of sunlight entering a classroom

Clear Vinyl

Useful to:
  • Clear vinyl gives a stained glass window effect, looks great from the outside
  • The warm coloured light coming into a room gives a very relaxing ambiance

Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl Overlays

Useful to:
  • Adds a personal, creative touch to any indoor space
Our vinyl overlays have a multitude of uses within school:
  • To brighten up windows and doors around school.
  • To give a welcoming message in your school reception area, with your school name and logo
  • Our bookends are a great idea to give interest to your stairs. Having the vinyls covered with clear acrylic will ensure the vinyls do not get damaged from children’s feet.